Rpg mechanics Witcher series

Some Rpg mechanics for the witcher 3 –

Heavily relies on preparation before battles. Knowing what you’re coming up against is key and creating the right potion often means the difference of success and failure. For example, if you are going into a dungeon, you would want to use a potion called cat which allows you to see in the dark. But to make potions such as this, you need to find the items needed to craft it which leads to a crafting system mechanic. You can forge weapon upgrades, weapon buffs among other things if you explore the world and gather resources for this.
Another important mechanic within this game is fast travel. Due to the game world being so vast it can become tedious for the player to back track to places they have already been which makes the fast travel system essential. It is worth nothing though it still encourages exploration as you have to go to allocated sign post in order to travel to other sign post that you have already been to, meaning you cannot fast travel from anywhere you are on the map.
There is also quest system in place which allows you to see your current objectives in order to progress the story, and see side missions. This allows players to easily see what they need to do and easily compete side quest in order to boost experience points – needed to advance player progression for better weapons armour etc.
witcher 3 crafting.png
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