Low poly model

For this task we had to create a low poly model to scale from a selection of items of our choice. I chose the n64 controller and my poly limit was 128. The task at hands was to make us aware of how crucial it is to be careful when modelling and keeping the poly count in check. It is easy to lose control and quickly spiral into a optimized mess if you are not careful.

I managed to complete the task with just under 124 polys but there are a few areas of compromise that I wish I could improve. Some of the buttons are 2d and of course having them in 3d improves the look greatly, but also comes with the cost of increased polys. The main body of the controller is were I went wrong yhough, I swift looped to many times but when I realised this it was to late and I could not go back unless I started over again. Talking of starting over, this was my third attempt at this controller and even though I thought it would be fairly easy, the poly limit makes it surprisingly hard and is not something I shall underestimate again.


low poly controller .jpg


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