Bridge finalised version

For my finalised version I decided to go with a western themed bridge that joins two canyons together over the river.

I decided when making this scene that I wanted to focus on the context of where the bridge is, allowing me to give a sense of place to the people looking at this. I also used a background image to enforce the setting of the desert landscape and hopefully give it a sense of realism. By creating the scenery I hope that the final renders could show what it would look like if that area would be modeled into a game. I originally went with the intention that this would be part of an open world within a western environment, and the bridge was there to traverse over the river to get to another area or place. But it could also be a concept for some kind of multiplayer map showcasing the different areas in which players could use to there advantage. The bridge for example, is out in the open with not much cover making players vulnerable as they cross it, but it has a risk/reward to it as the player that do make it across have the advantage of the overseeing a lot of the map, giving them a line of sight advantage over players below who do not have the vertical advantage.

I also created two buildings to give a sense that this could be set near a small town alongside the river, with a boat by the shore also with a few boxes and barrels which could hold its own story on its own – such as smugglers importing items into the area. I also littered the shore with stones and drift wood to add some detail and enforce immersion, making sure that the area around could look like a realistic looking river.

Another thing I experimented was the lighting, by using the lighting settings within 3ds max I was able to try and replicate a dawn, sunset scenario with long shadows and a warm orange glow through the desert landscape. I achieved this by changing the sky colour to a warmer sunset esk colour, then changed the position of the sun relative to real world time and location which I set to the nearest I could get to Monument Valley.  I also put lightning within one of the buildings in order to replicate a lantern, adding complexity to the lighting scene.


Here are some development shots I took whilst creating this scene.

wild west bridge 2

wild west bridge

lighting western



I also took some screen shots to get an idea of how it would look at different angles


birds eye westernbridge viewbridge view 2bridge view 3



Renders –

final render 1 western bridgewestern perspective 5western render sunset



Image credit for the background –





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