Weapon, helmet and shield render

Here is my sword, shield and and helmet render which are all in the style of the shield. The aim was to make it look like it was all made from one blacksmith. Overall I am fairly happy with this image, I feel like through the render I have conveyed a somewhat sinister, evil look which is what I was trying to achieve with the menacing looking helmet, dragon sword and shield. Through experimenting with materials and changing the glossiness and luminosity, I was able to achieve this look.

I do believe the look of the helmet however, Looks a bit other worldly with some kind of fantasy look, maybe if I had considered the ergonomics more and made reference to head sizes, diameters, shapes and more it would look slightly more down to earth but still as menacing.

With the shield I believe that more detail could be added in a few areas, largely on the dragon, implementing more scales onto its skin and adding more detail onto its face. The shield could have also used more detail also, around the back especially, putting handles on there would improve authenticity even if you cannot see it from this render.  Of course textures would considerably add to detail which I need to pursue and implement.


final render weapon shield and helmet.jpg




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