Bridge concept art development and research

For this brief we had to create a bridge that could be in any time period and style that fits into a game.

To start off with I created some sketches to get an idea of what some bridges would look like within different times. I also experimented with different mechanics for example, a medical bridge with towers overlooking the top, but has a platform underneath in which players could use in order to sneak by.

I then also used 3ds max and sketch up in order to gain a better understanding of perspectives and lighting. I also leaned on 3d modelling more than my sketches due to my drawing ability not being the best, that being said, I still find the sketches helpful being used as a reference and the speed in which you can do draw compared to modelling.

tower bridge for wordpress


On another I  sketched up a sci-bridge bridge which acts like a hub area in which players can get a lift down to different platforms/areas underneath where they could be shops or maybe a house for the player which acts as a save point.

bridge 7

I also modeled this up in 3ds max to get a better idea of the perspectives.


floating bridge sci fi

I also explored a bridge within a densely populated city with a highway for vehicles on top and a railway underneath.

highway bridge for wordpress


I then experimented with a train crash and the bridge in ruins. This could be a concept for a scripted event within the game with the train derailing and hitting the support beams.

destruction highway 2destruction highway

Stone bridge concept

bridge 9


stone 2stone wordpress


Walkway bridge

bridge 3

walkway 2walkway


Jungle bridge

bridge 2

jungle bridge wordpress

While not detailed, I imagined this scene in a thick dense jungle with a waterfall as the background and a river moving rapidly underneath.

jungle bridge 2  wordpress

I also experiment with using sketch up in order to produce some ideas of different types of bridges.

This bridge was meant to be a bridge being partly built with the structure in place and some support beams.


bridge 5bridge being built


Draw bridge


bridge 1bridge 6


draw bridge wordpress

Mechanical bridge

With this bridge I liked the idea that it could be portable and used in disaster situations with the bridge being able to fold out when it needs to be extended and then back in to be mounted onto a vehicle.

mechanical bridge


With this bridge I thought I would try something different and put a cafe on it with people being able to walk by and enter. But I did not like the way the design due to the shape not looking right and the design inconstant which is why it was abandoned.

building wordpress.JPG

building 2 wordpress.JPG


Here is also a list of influences that I researched


Created by Ahmet Koctar
used blender, zbrush and rendered in cycles in order to create this –
 ahment koctar concept art for bridge.jpg
Created by Espen olsen Saetervik
bridge by espen olsen.jpg
Naughty dog character artist
Free lance concept artist













































































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