Rpg brief

For this rpg brief I have to base my rpg on a childrens book called water ship down. So to start off I am going to read the book and research online a synopsis to get an idea of what it is about.

Going by the codes and conventions of a rpg game  I have a few ideas in mind of some items and scenarios. So during a battle scenario the game will pull you out and put the player into a battle scene with the background scenery within context to where you were. This is the case with many rpg games such as Final Fantasy or Pokemon to name a few. So I feel like if I was to go down this route, I would need to use a mechanic that could make the gameplay fresh and new. Such as what a game called Child of Light does were there is a bar  at the bottom of the screen, and you have to wait until it says cast but you can see how long your allies and enemies have to wait for attack meaning you can anticipate and prepare before it happens.



Or I could go another route and have realtime attacks such as what The Witcher does or Mass effect.


I’ll carry on researching to see which option would be better and make a survey to see which people prefer.


After some more research on the Watership down I have identified some interesting characters, both protagonists and antagonist and noted them down with a quick summary. I may plan to add more or take some out in the future.

Here are some notes I made from research to do with the characters.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 16.46.28


I also created this mind map to get an idea of different concepts I could use, weapons, attacks, whether or not the game would have a darker or lighter tone etc.  mind map watership down.jpg


Child of light image credit –
















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