Rooftop creative process and finalised version

Starting this project I looked at some photographs I took a while back and thought they would be good for reference. Some consist of abandoned rooftops and others I took in New York which I thought would give me some ideas of a high rise apartment near the roof.


I also used pinterest in order to gather my research in one area.

derelict farmIMG_0241IMG_0802IMG_0800IMG_0155IMG_0903IMG_0243IMG_0212new yorknew york 2

I then brainstormed some objects that could be found within a rooftop environment on a app called evernote.

The objects will Vary from character to character but here is a generalised overview
  • crates
  • supplies
  • ammo
  • boards for repairs
  • Tools such as hammer screws screwdriver
  • wrap
  • medical kit
  • keys
  • sofa
  • cabinet
  • alarm clock (could be old, new or futuristic)
  • small desk light
  • overhanging light
  • camp fire
  • makeshift tripod
  • canopy
  • hammock
  • cement
  • sand bags
  • desk
  • old computer parts
  • computer
  • tech such as speakers, monitors, servers, cables
  • rug
  • weapons
  • towel
  • quilt
  • sleeping bag
  • toothbrush
  • cups, mugs
  • hot water bottle
  • whiskey flask
  • coffee jars
  • bricks
  • binoculars
  • telescope
  • camera


After this I noted some ideas down and made some sketches of rooftops. One consisted of a rooftop with a telescope overlooking some constellations, another a tower within the mountains with a hiker taking refuge.


mind map roofspace



I then modeled some of my ideas in 3ds max and sketchup in order to find the idea I like the most.


Rooftop in a city with the telescope overlooking the constellations

rootop swimming poolrooftop swimming poolrooftop swimming pool 3


This one was based on a grounded aircraft carrier overlooking a city. The tower on the top is were somebody took refuge in order for safety and keep a look out of the surrounding area.

aircraft carrieraircraft carrier 2

I also used sketch up to get an understanding of an abandoned roofspace.

sketch up roofspaceroofspacesketch up roofspace 2sketch up screen shots

sketchup screen shot


I also experimented with a space station design that consist of the leaders room that has controls to various elements of the station.

spacestation 2spacestation 3spacestation

spacestation 34

In this one I experimented with creating a curved hotel room on the last floor of the building.

highrise 4highrise 1highrise 5highrise 1


I had an idea of a person in a apartment on one of the top floors of a abandoned high rise building.

apartment small 2apartment small 3apartment small


I then took this idea further and created another high rise building, but this time made it in a world were humanity is falling and buildings are destroyed, crumbling and decaying.


main apartment 1

apartment main 5

main apartment 3main apartment

apartment main 7.PNG


Here is my finalised version of my roofspace apartment which I digitally painted over in Photoshop. I also overlaid a picture I took in New York for the background in order to create a sense of scale and place. I also thought that there was to much empty space on the right as you can see by the 3ds max screenshots which is why I added a crate with ammo and a weapon resting on it.

apartment for photoshop 1

I created a synopsis of what it would be used for within a game world –

The apartment complex I used for my final render is set in a densely populated city near the central business district. Humanity has fallen which leaves buildings decaying and crumbling to the mercy of nature. Few pockets of humanity remain and take refuge in these buildings when possible, sometimes even making them their home which means that these become areas of supply for food, water amongst other items making it a key target for other survivors.
A game play scenario could consist as you, the player defending your home with precious supplies you have collected against other survivors which means intense close combat scenarios within small spaces. Defence is key and having an item close by for those difficult situations often means a successful defence against those zealous attackers.









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