Production design and art direction

game job strucutureThe project director at the tops overlooks the whole project at hand and makes sure everything is running smoothly. Such as deadlines being met and ensures the team is hitting targets. Managing budget is also an essential, making sure the development does not overrun the budget, but also ensuring that everything is completed within the time frame.
The art manager will overlook the whole style and look of the game, and make sure the art direction is going in the right direction. Often they will work with the producer and may overlap with certain roles depending on the team and this is even more relevant with a smaller indie team. The diagram above represents what a usual triple A game would look like, but often smaller teams will undertake many of these roles due to maybe having three people on the team or saving on a tight budget.
lead artist will look into texturing, importing art assets into the engine and making sure the aesthetic and atmosphere is running will the planned style of the game. Lightning is also another area researched, being a big part of creating the atmosphere of the game.
Design manager and the design team makes sure that the game they are creating caters to their target audience and fulfils the needs and expectations that have been set. It also involves making sure the mechanics work and implemented well into the game.
Technical mangers and their team will work on the coding side of the game making sure that it is optimised as best as possible for the chosen platform. This means ensuring that it works well on multiple platforms if necessary and can be a huge task. It also involves working with the other teams making sure concepts and designs like for the UI translates exactly how they envisioned it.
Audio engineers are another essential part of the team which can often get overlooked in some studios. Sound enhances the visuals and is much as responsible to the immersion as the visuals, creating strong, clear audio that goes with the game often considerably make the experience better. Audio engineers can often get overlooked, especially if the audio is done right and to a very good quality, as they say – if you have done you’re job right, people will not be sure you have done anything at all (paraphrased).
Game such as battlefield bad company have excellent noises on there explosions and guns with, deep low end thuds, whistles and wacks as the bullets fly past you etc.
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