Using colour in photoshop for the first time

In order to practice digital colouring with photoshop we used one of Gareth sleightholmes images in order to practice using colour and shading.


This is what the original sketch looked like without any colour or enhanced digital shading.

iron giant.jpg



Then here is what it looks like after I have gone over it on photoshop to enhance the lighting and detail. I changed the background colour to a darker greyer tone to get the sense of destruction in his wake. I also used the burn tool in order to get darker shades into the right side of his body whilst the left was hit by light. By using this technique It gives me ability to reveal more detail and manipulate the orignal intensions of the image also. For example, I chose to colour the small three holes red with smoke being emitted indicating that it has been shot, but the orignal intention may have been that it was just chips in the armour.

Gareth image drawing




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