Quickdraw task

One task we got told to partake was to play a game called quickdraw. Quickdraw made by Paul Starkey  and is a simple drawing game which has the player chose how long they have to draw the item, and also how long the app should run for. Then you will the set amount of time to draw the item it tells you. It could be a wheelie bin, mountain or one of the other numerous items and objects it has.

By partaking in this task, I believe that it has allowed me to see what my sketches look like under pressure and the weaknesses within them. I have a tendency to draw, not like it, rub it out then start again making the process longer than it needs to be. But with this game having the time restriction I do not have time to do this so I hope that it can get rid of this bad habit. Hopefully if I persist with playing this game my small sketches will get better with my techniques adapting to the time limit. This in the long run should allow me to sketch out an idea in my head, quickly to people without having to take a good chunk on time explaining the scene to somebody when time is of the essence.

quickdrawquickdraw 2quickdraw 3



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