Photobash concept art semester 1


Orignal image of the Stanley hotel.

stanley hotel


For the photobash I wanted to use a wide shot of the Stanley hotel to establish a sense of place and mood. I layered over some stormy clouds and also some bushes at the bottom of the screen, which I hope would give it an outside looking in approach to create a disconnect between the building and viewer. Hopefully this gives viewer a sense of coldness emitting from the structure like something does not feel right. I wanted to use the storm with the snow to reinforce this feeling and give a certain feeling of dread. More importantly however, I wanted to get across that this is a horror game and by making the scene look dull and desaturated I think I have achieved this.

photobash uni


Image credit

Stanley hotel took by Zulu

Dark clouds took by Emre Ozgener (2011)

Trees and grass by Erin Hanson


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