Creativity and creating a personal micro culture

In this seminar we talked about what makes a personal micro culture and how technology influences our life in a big way. Due to computers and devices becoming more powerful and intelligent we tend to have a over reliance on them which can give us a negative effect on creativity. I am especially guilty of this often relying on what the computer can do rather than what I can do. Sure the computer can do a a lot of incredible things, but it is important to remember that it is just a tool to enhance what you can do, and this over reliance can hold you back and stop you from learning new techniques and create a road block of sorts. The computer is only as skilled as you are and it is important to remember you are far more capable than this.
Another thing that can boost our creativity is our micro culture. Micro culture is what you pick up in your life in which you absorb and turn it into your own creativity. So for example, it could be a book you have read that is about a murder mystery, or perhaps a 50’s noire film and you also like rock music. All these things you take in, can influence your creativity as your brain reimagines these scenarios or concepts and then puts it in your own way. I, for example love Sci-fi films such as Star Wars and JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek, a whole host of games such as Gone home, Last of us, Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Undertale to name a few, and nearly every genre of music allows me to be inspired by these works of art. Then by listening, interacting or other wise, I have those experiences that motivates me to create and want to make experiences, whether that be emotional, fun or educational within an interactive world for other people to discover, explore and be amazed by.
Like I said earlier, what interest you such as me liking sci-fi films may influence what you create. So for me, some concept art that comes to mind is a Sci-fi setting, with maybe a typical movie convention such as lens flare but maybe a darker side from the last of us, with a decaying, crumbling dystopian setting on a major city on another planet. But somebody else who likes a noire style and a murder book mystery may be more partial to creating a game that has a strong aesthetic noire style with a strong narrative plot. You can see were I am going with this, so everybody has different cultural influences which leads to different creative ideas making up their micro culture.

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