Their pride and joy update

I continued to iterate on the ship I created on 3ds max for to create a smaller boat for the dock.

original ship


I then decided to create another with a curvier design. I decided to go with a more futuristic look to break away from the typical look of a ship in order to make it more intriguing.

future ship iteration

I carried on making the curves sleeker and adding adjustable engines to the back.

ship n


Which led me to the design I am on now. By creating this I imagined this ship being docked at some kind of floating station were the vehicle can dock and resupply.

ship angle 2ship angle 3ship anglefuture ship 3



After this I started making the docking station and implementing the vehicle into this. As you can see the vehicle is docked and the thrusters are tilted to keep the vehicle docked. I decided to have them tilted instead of straight because I wanted the station to be old, worn out and makeshift that is largely abandoned so the docking mechanisms do not work as intended. Also the chair hovers above which adjusts angle depending on the level.


space station 5

space station 2

future ship 4space stationspace station 4

station 2station 3


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