Their pride and joy final image and reflection

For their pride and joy brief I have created a digital image of the boat scenario. I achieved  this by creating sketches and adding iterations to each one until I was happy with the image. To get an idea of the scene I researched online for some images, and then put them onto my Pinterest board (so all my images are in one place) which allowed me to get an idea of some ships. I also designed objects, items and other miscellaneous things that could be potentially added to the scene. Another thing I had to consider was the time period which of course, could effect the environment and vehicle to a large degree. I chose to go with an 18th century docking port with small balinger ship that would be packed to go onto a voyage.  But before I decided on the boat I went through a process in order to find which one suited me best.
I started with a mind map in order to get an idea of what scenario to go with and items I would use.
I decided to sketch some vehicles in different scenarios in order to get an understanding of the compostion, the amount of objects I need, and vehicle types etc.
Scan 7Scan 1Scan 9
Scan 3
I liked this sketch of the striped down car in a garage so I decided to bring it into photoshop and highlight some details of the scene.
car concept art
I decided to sketch a boat that needed to convey the message that it was being prepared for a voyage, I had to make sure that the scene was populated with items which gives the reader an idea of departure or repair. So I put items in there such as tools,cargo, crates, boards and so on. By populating the scene it can make it look like a lot is going on, which can intrigue and keep the readers interest longer than if there was less.
The first sketch I imported into photoshop I did not like, composition and angles did not look right so I left this image and started creating another sketch.
Sketches and Final image
boat sketch
 boat final image
I believe the digital image I created of the boat shows the boat is being prepared for a voyage. But I think the variation of objects is rather low which means that I need to generate more ideas of what could be around at this time. I do believe however that the biggest problem with this digital image and my others is the colours I use and how I mix them. I tend to use one colour for an object and don’t go over it, and by not doing this it can make objects look a little bland and lifeless. Especially looking at the floor, I did use a darker shade of brown and go over parts to show these are muddier than others but it comes across messy. The floor has a bland look to it also, so I tried to counter this by putting green in for grass, but I don’t believe this was incorporated well either, but I am still trying ways to find how to make these things better and how to fit them in the image. I also need to consider the creative process and how I iterate on my ideas. I believe I need to spend more time on this, create more mind maps, more drawings and mock up scenarios which I believe will create a better final image.
After receiving some feedback and being recommended to grey block in something like 3ds max, I decided to make a quick scenario under a similar environment to my final image.
I started building an outline of an old small sailing ship but was unhappy with the looks so I tried again.
original ship
I made another iteration which I much preferred and then decided to put some objects and items in there including some crates on the ship.
ship 2
I quickly created the scene to see what the ship would look like docked being prepared for a voyage.
ship grey block
grey block ship 3
 grey blocked ship new angle
I also thought I’d experiment with the ship and I decided to see what it would look like during a repair of the hull.
boat under repair
boat repair 2
 By using 3d modelling it allowed me to quickly get an idea of the scene without committing to much into the details, not only this but I could spin the camera around in order to get a different perspective on the scene easily which allowed me to experiment with close up shots. I find this particularly useful as one of the criticisms of my final image on photoshop was that it was to far away trying to get everything in rather than making it closer, more personal and interesting. I do believe for future projects like this, I will use 3ds max in order to help me generate concept art as I can import it into photoshop and paint over it to create a final render.

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