Graphic design notes

Diegetic – characters can hear it (part of the environment) could be a sword clashing with another or birds, ambient sounds
non diegetic – score music (characters cannot hear it) could be background music or achievement notifications
100 things that changed graphic design book – read
Using graphic design will be make the world more believable and immersive allowing the users to suspend their disbelief
graphics on
  • uniforms
  • car
  • safety signs
  • posters
  • weapons (mark, logos)
  • signs
  • style
  • mark(the graphic that goes with the company name)
do different designs in the game to make it more true to life, for example, a badly designed log for a shop or a really mediocre design etc.
develop a spider gram and identity people that are close me what jobs they have
have a look at what brands people use
develop a charger that has some kind of branding

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