Graghic design


Branding is an extremely important part of a business and helps portray its image to the public. You will see it everywhere from billboards in the city centre to posters at bus stops or leaflets in the letter box. An advertisement by BMW for a car my look clean, fancy and have a recognisable classy look but of course, not all branding and logos look professional which may be due to a hard to read typography or just plain incompetence to put any effort into it. This is typically the case with smaller business that put focus elsewhere instead of how their company will look to other people.


Considering all of this it is important that when designing a game to take on board real life scenarios based on branding. So if I am making a game that takes place in a slightly run down part of the city, I would consider making some of the shops have maybe a slightly run down, unprofessional typography look to it which is what you would expect in an area of that particular setting. If I made all the shops in that area look clean and similar in the fact that a single design could have created all of them, then it has the possibility of breaking the player’s immersion, breaking their suspension of disbelief. So when creating a game I need to act as different designers and architectures etc. In order to make the world look real and believable (depending on the type of game) in order to have the player successfully immersed.

Whilst making my game I need to create different brands within the game that have history, flaws with some being better than others and the characters within the game recognise these and react to them.


This highlight logo I would argue is an example of a bad logo just because of the nauseating effect it gives me. Whilst it is fairly clean looking and colorful I cannot look at it to long just because I can’t fully focus on it.

bad logo



An instantly recognisable logo by coca cola. It has its signature red that it has established with the public and the classic vintage typography look throughout. The logo has not really changed throughout the yeas showing just how strong this logo is, design wise, and they have no need to change it.


coca cola



estate agents

This Estate agents located down Anlaby road has a somewhat inconsistent look to it. The writing Mortgage and insurance is on slant making it look more like a mistake than a design choice, but is most likely have been put there to catch peoples attention. The yellow symbols behind the writing is also unclear what they are supposed to be, adding to the confusion and taking away from the simplicity.



Greggs is a example of good graphic design with its usual colour association with the brand. Mostly blue going across with some orange underneath it makes it clear, the signage is very easily identifiable.  The four squares next to the logo coordinate with the orange underneath also, which also helps when used on small signs that can not fit the orange section underneath. So you have the blue and orange on smaller signs making the look consistent and clear. Font used here is also very good with it being easily readable and clear with the white colour used. Overall a good minimalistic  that is clear and concise.



HMV uses its purple association with the brand on its logo making it easily identifiable.The purple paired with the black background make this stick out very clearly, with the logo and the dog picture which has been associated with the brand for a very long time. HMV stands for his masters voice but putting that onto here would take longer to read/process which makes abbreviating it a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes. To anybody seeing the store for the first time it may be hard for them to know what it is, though the dog with the phonogragh suggest sound.



Superdry has taken an minimalistic approach with its neon orange sign with a full stop at the end. The logo is very recognisable and makes it clear what you are looking at. As to the font is uses a thicker stroke on the Superdry and then a thinner on the store. By emphasising the Superdry it suggest to customers coats and such are sold here.


takeaway font

This takeway makes it hard to read with the font being used. It is clearly low budget and seems to be on a banner hung up judging by the creases in the material. There is a very faint fork and spoon at the top which, with the chicken and seemingly cook on the left side, suggest to people that this is a takeaway. But when you have to look left, right and at the top, then figuring out what it says, it does not make it very convenient.










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