3ds max notes

Telex density unwrapping object – different for different faces, different densities
have more pixels on different areas which means that they could double in detail
open uv editor
plainer unwrap box looking at it straight throw picking up that specific thing
sphere material editor to go onto checkered texture
mapping – flatten mapping to unwrap the different faces
tiling put on 10 to even out the texture
seam lines decide where something is going to be cut to textured
snap tool 3
blue lines indicate where it should connect
once you’ve scaled it back into the box you need to render it
render to the power of 2 like 1024
use bitmap putting the texture back in what you have edited
array can manipulate the object
object types
spline tool
click and drag in any view port
convert to an editable pline
enable in render and in vewport
boolean – something used in many different areas, mathematical term for cutting, enables you to add or subtract from an object and stuff in between
different views
perspective view box (be careful working this way as it can make lines warp)
learn to utilise the different view ports
pivot point
shell give it thickness
polygons are only 1 sided
difference between a texture and material
diff lighting information and shadows
spec map
gloss                                          –                        Material
avoid triangles
practice using 3ds max at home

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