Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is when the brain overloads with mental stress which then can contradict and conflict with beliefs and actions. Milton Glaser who is a graphic designer made a video on the fear of failure were he talks about how in your personal and professional life, you need to come up with an identity in which people can recognise you for. This is people can easily recognise your work and makes it your own which is why clients and customer will come to you over others. The problem with become a specialist to something is that you stop learning other things and carry on doing the same thing over and over without trying something new in which you may not be as good at. The best way to get better at something in my example is drawing, So I need to draw and fail, learn something and repeat until I get better and more adept at it then repeat the process again. The problem with failure is once you hit that brick wall, it is harder to move on and try again, especially in my case of being overly critical but in order to progress you need to embrace it and carry on.
For me, I need to embrace my failures and find my flaws in order to become a better drawer. One thing I need to particularly improve on is my character drawings getting the proportions right and the details of the face which I find particularly hard to do. To overcome this I am going to draw more people walking by on the street getting basic outlines of them and then from their make them more detailed the longer I draw.

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