Sketch up walkthrough of game

Here I created a walk through of the game in order to visualise the level layout from start to finish. By doing this it allows me to get an idea of the scene and environment the player has to traverse in order to complete the game, not only this but it serves as a blueprint or foundation if you will of the way the building should look due to the layout of the scene. If I was to move onto 3d modelling, this sketchup work would greatly assist in helping me visualise the way the rooms should look. I could also potentially start to figure out the A.I patterns within there, such as in the hallways, basement and maze allowing me to see how the player could pass on obstacle such as this without resistance. This means that if an area seems unfair due to the player not having enough options to run around the enemy as I would like, I could tweak it within sketchup for a solution.




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