Reflection seminar of Walter Mitty

In this text seminar reflection, I will write about what the research written by Timothy L. Wilson and Peter Zackariasson on “Marshall McLuhan, video games and the secret life of Walter Mitty”.


After reading this I have come to understand that one could see two types of games. A conventional game that is more about using the game in order to fulfil your mind. This relates to what Marshall McLuhan said about media being an extension of ourselves and allows us to manipulate and interact with things that would have not been possible before. They also related it to The secret life of Walter Mitty were he has daydreams which takes place with different themes and they say how games are similar in that fashion to his daydreams, just like the dreams in games you will be in a different role completing different tasks.


The other type of game is an extension world. This is to allow the player a second life in a virtual world which can be a form of escapism. It allows the player to be whoever they want satisfying their needs and gives them a virtual life that they may not have in the real world. It correlates to the Novel Snow crash(Stephenson) which has people playing in a Metaverse and having a different life to what they have in the real world. The novel anticipates some parts of Massively multiplayer online games today and has influenced avatars in these game how they are today.


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