Prisoner dilemma

One example we were shown was the prisoner dilemma. It goes like this…

There is two people who we’ll call person A and person B. They committed a crime but they can not talk to each other which means that they can stick to the same story or they can lie and betray each other.

So there is three ways this could go

Scenario 1

Person A could betray B

Person B could betray A

which would mean they would both get 2 years


Scenario 2

Person A says B did the crime

B stays quiet

which means that B goes for 5 years and A only goes for 3

and finally scenario 3…

Person A keeps quiet and so does B which the result is one year for both.

Scenario 3 is cleary the better option out of all of them of course but they don’t know that and the level of trust involved may not be enough for them to do it. This applies to games too, especially in multiplayer. You put a level of trust into your team and sometimes the lack of communication can make that difficult. So you could be the person B in scenario 2 keeping quiet but your other team mate is person A saying you did the crime, you’ll suffer the consequences for another player even if you did the right thing. So in a game you could get penalized by somebody else even if you did not do anything wrong. For example, in a game such as halo you could get killed by a teammate which the game acknowledges by saying “betrayal”.  To counter this if the same person does this a few times to their teammates then they will get kicked out of the match a short ban for doing so, and many other games have some kind of system to make sure that these issues don’t go unpunished.


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