Many companies use gamification in order to entice customers and keep them coming back. Other companies can use it for keeping people aware of how much energy they are using and the effects it has on us and the world. A company called Opower allows people to compare how much energy they are using compared to their neighbors, which will create competition between them and hopefully motivate them to get lower efficient score than each other in turn causing less pollution overall. They achieve this by using a smartphone which allows you to look at graphs and statistics clearly and easily. It creates competition and nobody wants to lose do they? Which is why this could be a very useful tool for many people to have and could save a lot of energy, money but more importantly less pollution. By doing this it led to the people using %2 less energy which may not sound like a lot but it saved millions of dollars.

Another gamification example is by playing a quiz game by freerice, were if you answer a question correctly freerice buys ten grains of rice. I find this a very good example of gamification as it is practical and you can make a difference almost straight away by answering questions whist educating and learning yourself. It is an unconventional way of trying to solve world hunger in a way that is easy for many people to do with access to the internet and due to this being a quiz, it could be addicting for some people meaning that these people keep coming back and answering more questions earning more rice for the people in need.

One last example of gameification is my driving insurance app. The concept is simple, by using a black box attached to my car it collects data of how I drive such as breaking, acceleration, time of day and then scores me based on how well I drive. Then it puts all of those scores into one average score which gives me an idea of how well I am driving. By putting a score/point system onto this it encourages me to drive better and more efficiently which proves that the gameification aspect of this aspect this app works well and is beneficial to the user. They have also put in a social element were you can compare how well you drive compared to other friends creating competition, making you want to do better than each which means more people driving safely.

IMG_7521 IMG_7524 IMG_7525


Author – Yu-Kai Chou

Date published – January 25, 2015


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