3d city area in progress using practical means

By using this method of being hands on instead of using 3d software such as sketch up, it allowed me to get a feel for the geometry and understand it for more than using software. While the design is basic, it gives me an idea of how I want the area to look once I transfer these ideas and put them onto software to create what I wanted to design. Also because this method is so fast it does not deter me from changing my ideas and designs because I know it won’t take me long to do this, whereas if I was on the computer using X software, it would probably take me longer and more effort to create whatever I am creating which means that I will be less likely to change my designs due to the amount of effort I have already put into it. Starting from scratch would be hard to do even if it would have been the right thing to do. So this is why sometimes using practical objects and crafts is a good way to design and create some ideas.






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