Game of thrones: A Telltale game series – Iron from ice episode 1 review

 game of thrones

Telltale the publishers that brought you the hit walking dead games and wolf among us are now expanding their reach upon another universe, Game of thrones. Set on the tense night of the red wedding, Telltale shows no hesitation to start off with a bang from the get go. Whilst the T.V show and book primarily focused on the Starks in the castle, we get to see what happened to the camp outside whilst the red wedding was taking place. If you have not read or watched up until the red wedding episode or have not watched/read the series before at all, I would recommend doing so before playing this game as it relies heavily on the fact that you are already familiar with the events and people within Westeros.


You play as one of three characters, two of which are Foresters (Ethan and Mira) and the third Gared who is a squire to Lord Gregor Forrester. Each character has there own unique part to play, which will determine the fate of House Forrester. The gameplay is largely similar to previous Telltale games, which means that you will be sharply choosing dialogue options, dodging in quick-time events or reaching out for weapons during scripted events. The game breaks the pace a little bit by jumping between the three characters like the show would. Telltale also do a good job allowing you to walk around small areas giving you chance to find items for back story or to help decision making a little later on.

The writing you are getting here is great and provides genuinely tense situations that you will find yourself in. A lot of the time I was nervously pressing the dialogue options hoping that my kindness has paid off or whether I had said the right thing. Being noble and honourable doesn’t always mean it’s the right action when diplomacy is crucial to your houses survival and more often than not, you will have to make hard choices that often leave me thinking what would have happened if I choose to be firm rather than passive. The actions and choices you make within these events effect how the game will play out later on within that episode, which means that our play through may not be the same as each others and could differ slightly to radically. How it will affect later episodes however, only time will tell…

game of thrones

Whilst you may not be well acquainted with the forester family within Game of thrones, you will however see familiar faces such as Tyrion or Cersei in Kingslanding. It was particularly compelling to interact and talk with them even if albeit for a short amount of time, but it was a particular highlight for me due to the fact that we’ve never being able to effect what they say in the books or series. It made you feel like a part of there universe as if you where there. It’s also good to note that they look exactly like the series counter part and they are voiced very well, in fact everybody was rather well voice acted and I found that the only thing taking me out of experience was the jerky animations which is so well known amongst the rest of Telltales games. It’s one of my biggest complaints with this episode. Often characters will move unnaturally or slide into place, which was for me hard to ignore, but luckily enough doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience you are getting here. The overall aesthetic left a bit to be desired, I often found that backgrounds were a little blurry with some weird artefacts, especially in Kingslanding where the areas are a little larger and more detailed. But even so the art style thankfully goes with the dark tone of Game of thrones, and it does capture the bleak hopelessness of Westeros.


Telltale has successfully delivered on making a compelling and tense prologue episode with this being one of six episodes within the season. I’m intrigued to see how House Forrester prevails through such delicate times, and how my decisions effects their fate which makes me eagerly wait in anticipation for episode two.

Score – 8


Season 1 – Season pass: £19.99

Episode 1: £3.99

Reviewed on ps4. Also available on PC/OS X, Ios, Android, xbox one/360, Ps3


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