Binding of Isaac rebirth review


The Binding of Isaac rebirth is a randomly generated action r.p.g shooter with rougelike elements to the game, which consist of controlling Isaac, or any other character you unlock, through numerous dark depths of the basement. Let me tell you now, this game is hard but not frustrating. Every time you die you have to start again with no perks, coins, pills or anything else you have acquired through your probably short play through. If this sounds annoying well let me reassure you, it is not. This is thanks to the brilliant randomisation that the game provides with over four hundred and fifty items which provides for hours and hours of content, which I still haven’t got too.

When you start off Isaac will have the same default stats, but as you play on usually in the first basement you will find buffs and power ups allowing you to grow stronger or weaker depending on your luck. On each play through you will normally encounter golden rooms which requires you to open it with a key, as I hastily opened it I found a laser that attaches itself to Isaacs eye allowing me to shoot faster and more accurately but more importantly increasing my chances of survival. Another time I came across a dead cast perk which gives me nine lives but here’s the catch… it takes all but one heart which means that every room I was in and I lost that heart, it would respawn me outside leaving me to have to go into the room again (if I so choose) having to kill those enemies again. Of course to circumvent this I could get lucky and find a HP up buff but this is all down to luck. And that is what I love most about this game, you never know what you’re going to get each time, it’s just so damn huge. Each basement has numerous paths you can take but you can only move down to the next level by finding the boss room, taking down the boss, then jumping into the unknown once more.


Mechanically wise the game is very good. As I said previously the game allows you to fire tears which you can do by firing up, down, left, right which seems basic at first, but depending on how fast you are moving you can change the trajectory and curve them. Then there is the power ups such as having your tears orbit you, lasers, two shot or three shot tears, how about tears that can set enemies on fire I could go on but you get my point. There is a healthy range of enemies too, from spiders that zig zag towards you or flies that can traverse over rocks and other flies that can explode, how about armoured static enemies that you can only kill if they have there weak points exposed when they shoot, or fast moving skeleton’s that shoot bones. There a wealth of bosses to which will require you to learn their attack pattern in order to dodge there projectiles and other quirks they have got up there sleeve. Even after well over twenty hours I am still finding new areas enemies and power ups that I have never seen before which still amazes me.


Aesthetically that game is pleasing too, bizzare surrealism to pooped filled rooms or how about being inside Isaacs mums womb. The basements look nice, the sounds pop and the game runs smooth. Isaac especially is subject to change being mutilated by the power ups, which gives it a nice touch and a welcomed bonus. The biggest weakness for me, is that the game is so random and so huge that it’s often hard to tell at times what everything does, take a pill and it might kill you or it could give you more hearts there is know way of knowing, even after you take it and go on to your next play through the game doesn’t remember it meaning that unless you can remember that stupidly large number of items, pills buffs your going to have to chance it on some of the items.

Overall binding of Isaac is a great game, I’ve being playing it on the vita and everywhere I go I tell myself I’ll just clear a few rooms, but this leads to going further and further down into the basement often at times me losing an hour or two when I intended it to be a five minute session. If you don’t mind the whole permanent death thing and you love the idea of making your character more powerful by finding a well earned item, then I’m sure you’ll like this game.



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